Seven Dimensions of Passion

This Passion Index is unique in the marketplace in that it examines seven independent and
unique aspects of passion. Most similar instruments only examine six dimensions of passion by combining the Individualistic and Political into one dimension. This Passion Index remains true to the original works and models of two of the most significant researchers in this field, thus delivering to you a profile that truly helps you understand your own unique passions and drivers. Also, the Passion Index is the first to use a click & drag approach to ranking the various statements in the instrument, which
makes taking the instrument more intuitive, natural and in the end you can actually create the order you see in your mind on the screen.

Finally, the Passion Index instrument contains the most contemporary list of statements to make your choices more relevant to your life today, which helps ensure the most accurate results possible.

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“Find something you are passionate about and Keep Tremendously interested in it”

Julia Child