9 Environments Scan

The goal of this self assessment is to support you in raising your awareness around which environment(s) might be creating a source of stress or struggle in your life. It is NOT to give your life a score of excellent, good, fair, or poor. Read each phrase on pages 2-4 and place a check mark (✔) next to each phrase that you can answer YES to. If its a NO or MAYBE, then leave it blank. Total up the number of checks in each environment and write that number on the on graph on page 1 in each environment. You will have a number ranging from 0-10 in each environment of the graph.

Most people have one or more environments that could use some improvement, so connect with the person who gave you the assessment or a coach to discuss how to improve your environments and begin to upgrade your life. Once your lowest environments are improved, there is a good chance the other environments will fall into place as a by-product because each of the environments impact each other. Enjoy the journey.

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A Snapshot of the Environments
The following is a description of the above environments:
The core of you that is unchanging.
Beliefs, Ideas, Knowledge, Cultural Norms, Frameworks.
Physical body, Health, Energy.
Personality, Gifts, Talents, Strengths, Emotions.
Connection a Higher Source, Love and Self.
Family, Friends, Close colleagues, Support personnel.
Community, Strategic Partners, Customers.
Money, Investments, Budgeting, Insurance.
Home, Office, Furnishings, Equipment / Technology.
Outdoors, Beauty, Seasons, Cycle of life.