“Today, coaching is a popular and potent solution for ensuring top performance from an organization’s most critical talent.” – Harvard Business Review 1-2009

  • How do I choose a coach?

    Working with the right professional coach can have a profound impact both on your success and fulfillment. Given the significant commitment of time, energy and money that working with a coach would require from you, it would be in your interest to spend some quality time on the selection of the right coach for you.

    Interview several and have sample sessions. You want to make sure you have a rapport with your coach and can have the basis for respect and trust. Ask for a sample session. Ask for references. And at the end, trust your “gut” feeling in this process.

    Know what you want in a coach. Do you have, in mind, a male or female, or age preference for your coach? Are there specific personal styles that you are drawn to? To the extent you can articulate clearly what you are looking for, you can find your match faster.

    Know what outcomes you seek. Do you want to focus on your career, your business, your work/life balance, or something more specific?

    Know what you need. Coaching is not therapy. Make sure you understand the difference between the two and are really seeking the right venue for your needs.

  • How long do your individual clients work with you?

    We recommend (but do not require) that our clients make a six-month commitment to the process. Our clients sometimes hire us for a specific project or for unlimited periods of time.

    Most of our clients work with us three weeks on and one week off for about a year. After that, many of our clients have their sessions twice a month for ongoing improvement and accountability.

  • Who are your typical clients?

    We have clients that we work with one-on-one as well as in groups; face to face as well as virtually. Our clients are high-achievers who have an intense desire to reach high-profile success…without struggling.

    Our clients desire to increase their capacity in the following ways:

    • Want to develop more courage for change and growth.
    • Want to stay committed to achieving a big vision.
    • Are eager to move to a higher level of functioning.
    • Wish to move through challenging times with more ease.
    • Seek clarity, focus, strategy, execution and motivation.
    • Wish to create momentum in reaching their goals.
    • Have a desire to take on new projects.
    • Want to set better goals and reach those goals.
    • Wish to design their future, learn new skills, and who seek more balance in life.

    We specialize in working with self-employed business people, leaders and with people who are responsible for their own business development within a larger firm.