“I absolutely believe that people, unless coached, never reach their full potential.” – Bob Nardelli, CEO, Home Depot

A Newell Rubbermaid Company

“The coach training that we received from Bill made me think more objectively about how to handle certain situations more effectively. I thoroughly enjoyed the role playing the instructors did with us…I feel I have learned better communication skills as a result of the training and the follow up group teleconference calls. I also feel that I have a better handle on working more effectively with my direct reports as a coach leader now. The knowledge of the trainer was by far the greatest value in the overall training. The actual coach training I received with Bill Pavelich truly gave me a different perspective in working with my fellow employees and direct reports. The most effective moment was when the Bill (the instructor) would get involved with the group and coach us through some current challenges that we were experiencing. The most beneficial aspect to me was the fact that it was ‘all’ Rubbermaid. We could relate to one another much better than in the past when we had similar training courses with other companies.

This has been the best training program yet that I have attended with this company! Overall I thought the coach training program was excellent! It seemed to be taught with a greater emphasis on the coaching subject. The one-on-one coaching demonstrations were a great help! Also, the positive attitudes from management with this program, I believe, will provide much needed follow-up in the future.”

Management Team (Coach Training Workshop) Jackson, Missouri

Asset Management Resources, LLC

“In the more than 4 years that Bill Pavelich has worked with me as my coach, Bill has been instrumental in helping me to accomplish numerous personal and professional goals. Bill regularly brings a fresh perspective, business insights, spiritual centeredness, and a helpful accountability.

Over the time I’ve worked with Bill, not only have I seen a 100% increase in gross revenues, but also my personal income has doubled as well. These results are greatly attributable to Bill’s coaching.

Among our business development goals were to reduce our debts and grow the infrastructure of the business. Consequently, we have implemented a plan such that the elimination of these business debts will happen within the next several years. Other business development goals are that we moved into a new location to accommodate a larger staffing and we have begun hiring & partnering with more IARs as part of our firm.

For those interested in taking a giant step forward in achieving personal or professional goals, hiring Bill Pavelich as your coach is the first in a series of decisions that will bring you closer to their achievement. Bill won’t do the work for you, but he’ll help you focus your efforts and keep you accountable to yourself. Like a true coach, he’ll help you to reach for your true potential.

J. Christopher Boyd, CFP

Holzwarth Financial Services

“Bill has a way of rapidly getting to the root of the issue at hand with lots of “ah ha!” moments for immediate break-throughs. He also keeps you focused on your goals so that any challenges can be handled quickly and efficiently. Perhaps most important for me was the supportive style and calm manner he used – perfect for getting me to see the issue and take prompt action. I would recommend him whole-heartedly to anyone who would like to achieve meaningful results in their business or personal endeavors!”
Jocelyn W. Holzwarth, CFP(r), CDFA, Las Vegas, Nevada

Woodbury Financial

“I have enjoyed every one of our coaching sessions – you never forget a thing! And you hold me to my promises and decisions – in a very friendly, yet firm, manner. You have a great sense of humor and a delicate heart to pick up nuances – every so carefully. I believe you were the very appropriate person to take my thinking skills to the next level. Your sensitive yet vigilant awareness of where my thoughts come from is very much appreciated and respected. Thank you for your support and guidance. You are truly a gem!! This is going to be a kick-ass year for me!”

Karen Hansen, CFP, LUTCF“The Money Lady”, Anchorage, Alaska

Roche Financial

“Bill has had a major impact in my life. His genuine interest in my situation allowed me to really open up and talk to him about the issues I was facing. By going deep into these issues I have been able to overcome them and truly limit the stresses that were dragging me down. Bill encouraged me to get into what I was doing and think big, which really helped my situation, showing me that there are more possibilities available than I had imagined. By thinking positively every day my outlook towards life, overall health and mindset have all shown great improvement.”
Greg Bell, VP, Williamsport, Pennsylvania

Sound Financial Partners

“What an extraordinary experience and what an extraordinary facilitator! I never imagined finding such clarity of purpose around my work and life. Bill has a way of asking the questions I never knew to ask of myself to help me find my true life purpose. The often times difficult questions on this self-discovery journey, have provided the most insightful vision of what my future does hold. The passion he has for his work is evident as he utilizes his gifts to challenge the limiting beliefs I have created that have kept me from my greatest potential. As a result of my work with bill, I have launched a second company specific to the financial needs of women and have been on numerous radio shows. I have also been contacted by Forbes Magazine to write a featured article as a result of this new found passion and ability that Bill helped me discover. The clarity with which you see the world is inspiring ~ thank you.” –

Debbie Whitlock, CFP, Seattle, Washington

InLight Connection

“At a time when I was feeling stuck, Bill coached me through a major transition in my life and ministry. His insight and gift of wisdom were instrumental in helping me launch to the next level.”

Doug Addison, President, Los Angeles, California

Lycoming College

“Bill is a true professional in the coaching arena. He is dedicated to his field of expertise, and is very passionate about coaching and helping people. In my first conversation with Bill, I realized that he is a genuine person who really cares about the folks he is working with and is driven to see them succeed. On a personal note, I currently use many of the thought processes and techniques that I learned when working with Bill, for both my work and home lives. Thank you Bill!”

Greg Bell, Sr. Major Gifts Officer, Williamsport, PA

First United Methodist Church

“Working with Bill has been an incredible experience. He has taken me as well as my leadership staff team, several of which are coached by him, to new levels of effectiveness. Being the Senior Pastor of one of the largest denominational churches (over 1500 members) in St. Petersburg, Florida, I was up for a huge challenge when I took office a couple of years ago. Without Bill’s accountability with regard to making sure we were executing on our goals, we wouldn’t have the “wins” and synergy that is required to maintain and lead such an influential and affluent church that desires continual and effectual growth. I highly recommend Bills coaching services to anyone in ministry or in business who desire someone to provide challenge, encouragement and accountability to develop their potentials and achieve their objectives.”

Reverend David Miller, Sr. Pastor, St. Petersburg, Florida

West Group LLC

“I have worked with Bill on several different levels for about seven years now. He is an excellent coach for both business and life coaching. I do not hesitate to use him with my business clients as he always yields great results! It does not matter if it is conflict resolution or bringing a team or individual to the next level, his performance is excellent.”

Greg Woods, Owner, Charlotte, North Carolina

Bayer Material Science

“I started working with Bill in April, 2008 as my personal coach. I thought I knew what it meant to lead with a coaching approach, but after the first session with Bill I realized I had more to learn. Not only has Bill opened my eyes to what coaching truly means, but I have grown professionally and personally as a leader because of his guidance. Bill’s knowledge as a professional coach continues to shock me even after two years. So much of my growth in the past two years is due to his direction and support. I can’t image anyone who could not grow professionally and personally with Bill as their personal coach.”

Jeff Hester, Segment Manager, Charlotte, North Carolina