“Change alone is not growth, real growth contains both change and progression, and where there is no progression there is no growth.” – Lance Wallnau

Our Solutions

In the sales and financial industry, these are several frequent challenges that professionals experience in their practice at some point in their career. It’s a natural part of growth. Here are the key challenges we address most frequently.

  • Driving Revenue Growth Through a Consistent Lead Generation Process.
  • Igniting a Burning Desire and Enjoying the Business More.
  • Effectively Using and Managing Human Capital.
  • Systematizing Operations.
  • Maximizing Time and Productivity.
  • Branding a Business and Establishing a Unique Identity.
  • Converting and Servicing Higher-Net Worth Clients.

Accountability is key to jumpstart any challenge, change or improvement in your life. By partnering with one of our experienced coaches, you receive the tools and the coach to help you follow through. We begin by listening. We work with you to understand your unique practice as well as your challenges, and together build the “Blueprint” for your future success.

One-On-One Coaching

PerspectivEdge tailored approach to coaching, combined with years of coaching experience, sets us apart from other companies and provides you with the individualized attention you need. At PerspectivEdge, we have just one purpose – to help you succeed. Together, we will help you to create a vision for where you want to be in business and in life, then develop specific plans to get you there.

One-on-One Coaching includes:
  • A dedicated coach who has completed extensive training and experienced personal success in business .
  • Effective in-depth assessments.
  • An in-depth diagnostic questionnaire.
  • An individualized coaching program.
  • An initial two-hour general intake coaching session via telephone.
  • 50 minute coaching sessions via telephone.
  • Specific and relevant Action Plans.
  • Professional guidance and accountability.
  • Strategic planning and alignment.

Options that may be incorporated into your individual coaching track include:

  • Coaching for additional members of your team.
  • Executive team development.
  • Leadership improvements for yourself and key members of your team.
  • Onsite coaching which allows your team members to work through specific issues such as Business Vision, Behavioral clarity and optimization, Strategic Initiative Planning, Long-Range Business Planning, or an issue that is unique to your company.
  • A 360 degree review with follow-up coaching to create targeted Action Plans.
  • How to more successfully “lead leaders” – your direct reports and your partners.
  • Specific and relevant Action Plans.
  • Professional guidance and accountability.
  • Strategic planning and alignment.

PerspectivEdge has coaching tracks designed for the unique needs of sales professionals, managers, executives and entrepreneurs. Each program has distinct features and tools. Please feel free to contact our office to learn the specific details of the track that is right for you.

Our goal at PerspectivEdge is to partner up with you to not only assist you in achieving your desired outcomes but to exceed your expectations of us as a professional coaching advisory firm. As in every partnership, the probability of success increases when both partners give 100%. Our guarantee is that we will provide you with quality coaching that exemplifies the highest level of integrity, support, encouragement and accountability.

In our experience working with numerous successful leaders, entrepreneurs, business owners and teams, we have noticed similar characteristics, attitudes and behaviors that have attributed to a successful and highly effective coaching engagement. Here are just a few:

  • Has a strong desire to take the business to the next level.
  • Is able to make the commitment to make change and be committed to working hard to make the changes.
  • Is looking for a trusted Advisor.
  • Is a positive thinker.
  • Is passionate about their business and their life.
  • Is able to view coaching as an investment vs. an expense.
  • Is coachable.
  • Is a Giver.
  • Is Success-oriented.
  • Has a significant issue in the business that is limiting growth.
  • Is a Victor and not a Victim.
  • Is involved in community, church, family and/or all three.
  • Is Not looking for just another employee.

Management/Leadership development

“In the future, people who are not coaches will not be promoted. Managers who are coaches will be the norm…” – Jack Welch, GE

As a leader/manager, you probably spend a lot of time (too much time) in the “weeds”, when in fact you need to be spending your time innovating, working toward corporate objectives, coaching, and developing your team. Many of the problems that leaders reportedly are facing include – good employees who leave, too many outliers, managers who learn obscure new rules to manage new generations, and executives who struggle to stay ahead of increasingly innovative competitors. Today, one of the greatest challenges we see is the ability to get diverse groups of talented people to work together.

At PerspectivEdge, we offer programs designed to train and develop managers/leaders to become coaching managers and leaders. Coaching gives managers proven tools to work with people as individuals. Coaching gets at solving basic issues that managers face – issues that determine how people work with their colleagues, with managers and with customers.

When managers become manager-coaches, almost anything is possible. We have seen productivity jump, people start working towards common objectives, and good performers become great!

Please contact our office to find out how our Leadership Development tools can take you and your teams to greater levels of development and achievement.