Speaking Engagement

Keynote Speech or Webinar

For over 10 years, as a Business Performance Advisor, I have worked with numerous business owners, entrepreneurs and leaders to achieve Accelerated Performance TransformationTM for maximum impact in the marketplace.

I am excited to be sharing some invaluable tools and techniques that I have used to successfully position my top achieving clients to gain even greater clarity, mental toughness, and internal courage that will tremendously increase your potential for success and significance.

This presentation is applicable to individuals, teams and whole enterprises and will empower them to understand and leverage their core thinking strengths or “Value Judgments”. This assessment captures the core of how a person processes information from the world around them and even how they view themselves. It is the most powerful inductive assessment tool for creating greater self-awareness and personal growth. Through processing proprietary assessments and key techniques together we can establish actionable strategies that can be applied immediately to tremendously increase your potential for success.

The two key elements of self and organizational performance are achieving (1) clarity and focus and (2) effective execution to achieve desired objectives. Both factors are at risk for more and more people as the speed of change continues to increase in our global, competitive, always-on world. Staying on top of your world—personally, professionally, and organizationally—is a growing challenge. There is a way to navigate this turbulence effectively, in a sustainable way,but it does not happen automatically. It requires the application of specific best practices that can be learned, installed, and habituated.

Key Learning Points

  • Fundamentally understanding how we “Value Judge” impacts our relationships, performance and sense of being
  • Achieving Mental Strength in three dimensions; People/Intuitive, Practical/Pragmatic and Systems/conceptual.
  • How to create the optimal performance state of being and doing.
  • Best practices for achieving and maintaining mental toughness, clarity and effective execution.
  • Leveraging the nine environments around us for greater success.


  • 60-90 minute presentation delivered live and/or via webinar by a Certified Trainer. The presentation can be extended, allowing more time for hands-on exercises and/or Q&A.
  • Additional package includes one off assessment debriefs with individual participants

Participant Materials

  • A 19-page assessment profile will be provided that will have been completed beforehand. The assessment is based on the work of Robert S. Hartman with regard to formal axiology – the study of value judgment. The profile is available as a digital file for you to print out, or it can be supplied (at additional cost at company discretion). Can be printed one or two-sided. The completed profile will optimize the content as to provide even greater key learning points as well as invaluable takeaways.
  • A color copy of the Nine Environments of You will be provided for a self-scoring assessment that will be completed towards the end of the presentation. As a result, participants will be able to takeaway valuable action items that can be implemented immediately to accomplishing more with less effort.


  • This presentation is highly recommended for an audience brand new to this work, and particularly to brief a group about the big picture of Mental Strength and value Judgment—the “why” and then a brief “how.” It provides an inspirational and educational experience and can be easily followed up with the more in-depth either individual or group coaching services.